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Anyone still waiting on USC-Keck?

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Jan 1, 2004
Hershey, PA
  1. Attending Physician
    I've been complete there since early August too. I'm bummed because it was one of my top choices (I guess "choice" isn't quite the right word, is it?). I did try calling admissions last month, but they told me in a somewhat irritated tone that I should check the web and they would let me know about status changes. I wish they'd give me an interview...
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    Jan 3, 2005
      they may be waiting for the last of the applications to roll in before they start handing out the waning interview spots. i think their secondary deadline is dec 1. i just turned in my secondary last week (LORs in transit).


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      Oct 18, 2005
      1. Resident [Any Field]
        I just got an invite too this week. Completed secondary last week of october and got the invite less than 2 weeks after. You can give them a call. You never knowwwwwwwww
        good luck people


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        Apr 26, 2005
          Yes, apparently iranians have lots of representation at USC... When my sister visited their dental school she said at least 25% of students she met and who were there interviewing were persian.

          ...so i can look forward to lots of fun if i end up here.


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          Oct 9, 2005
          los angeles
          1. Medical Student
            i went to high school that is across the street from usc, we had projects at their schools, bad vibes
            the commute there is deadly as is the county hospital
            so dont be upset if you are not hearing anything
            but good luck anyways
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