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Jun 20, 2002
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I am preparing for the april mcat because i did not do to well on the august mcat. Currently i am studying with kaplan books, AO, and am planning to purchase NOVA'S The MCAT physics book. I was wondering if anybody would also recommend EK's 1001 questions book series. I really want to do well on these next mcat. ITS WAR! Thanks


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Jan 27, 2002
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I used the 1001 books from EK. I found it somewhat lacking. It prepare me well for the discrete questions, but I didn't find it helping me at all on the passage based questions.

It'll help understand the basic principles, but you'll need just as much passage based problems to prepare.

btw : I prepared soley this summer off of the EK books for the August MCAT and Im retaking it this April. I think EK does a good job of simplifying some concepts, especially in organic chem and physics. But just wish the 1001 question books actually had a mix of passage based problems and discrete problems.
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