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Jan 23, 2005
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I bought the book in my eager MS-1 buy every book phase and I haven't picked it up until just now. It seems to have question that go along with every section int he First Aid book. Has anyone taken the time to do these questions? I know nothing can compare to UWorld (which I'm also using) but I was just wondering whether I should put it back on the shelf.


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Oct 28, 2008
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The questions are well written, but content and difficulty is limited to what can be found within the pages of First Aid, which is good and bad.

I'm going through the USMLERX and the FlashFact programs with my studies to get me really familiar with First Aid by board time. Going through just the pharm questions has been really helpful, definitely helping me kill my classes, but as to the rest I am unconvinced of their helpfulness.

Flashfacts is a great product, though, really cheap and forces me to go through material line by line and actively recall the little bits. Without using the program, skimming FA without focus is just too easy.

But if you already have the book, by all means go through it; quick and fast and the explanations are very clear.


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Nov 12, 2007
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I think the book is OK. If your looking for a paper question source that is already divided into subjects (unlike kaplan), to review knowledge, then its pretty good. I do some subject based questions if I get some extra time during my subject based review.
Since I'm about a week from the test I either think the questions are stupid (i.e. too easy, duh, move on) or a good refresher (i.e. oh yea, i haven't reviewed that in a while, good to see it again.). They are not representative of the thinking style of UWorld, which apparently represents the actual thought required for the real test.
Considering you have plenty of time, FA Q book is a great way to solidify the information without twisting your brain around some 3-4 reasoning.
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