Oct 22, 2009
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I was just doing research on different residencies, and recently have been getting interested in preventative medicine/public health after talking to some mph students and going to different lectures on global health.

But when I looked about AOA Preventative Medicine/PH residency spots I was surprised that I only found one place (Nova) with only a few spots. I would have though due to that this type of work lended to the "whole person DO philosophy" and that there would be more PM/PH DO residencies. Am I missing something? Or does one have to do the ACGME/USMLE route?

Also I couldn't find much literature online about a typical day, lifestyle, hours etc. And the pros/cons as it seems to be a little less well known speciality but seems to be a interesting especially if you don't necessarily want to do sole "clinical" work. Could anyone shed some light on any info? Thanks


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Dec 30, 2008
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It's preventive medicine, not preventative: NSUCOM/Palm Beach County Health Department - Preventive Med-Public Health Residency.

"This program is structured to train leaders in public health and community medicine. There is a strong primary care component as well as rotations in administration, epidemiology, informatics, behavioral health, chemical dependency and environmental health among others. There is approximately 4weeks allowed for electives. The Master's Degree in Public Health is offered by Nova Southeastern University free of charge to residents enrolled in the program. For further inforamtion, please contact the Residency Administrator."

Nice. :)

I would have guessed that the lack of programs has to do with a bigger picture than the AOA. It doesn't seem like there is much business in preventing illness compared to treating it. However, there are 70 ACGME Preventive Medicine programs.