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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by tigerlily, Oct 20, 2002.

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    does anyone know how schools deal with AP credits in pre-requisite courses (like inorganic chem in particular)? AACOMAS listed my courses as: 6 graded credits for inorganic chem (2 grad lectures i took),,,but i have 7 credits for inorganic chem listed as AP/ungraded credits (all of which are on my transcript, lab included).

    problem is,,,most acceptance letters i'm receiving say i need 2 credits inorganic chem (i never took it in college b/c i received AP credit for ALL freshman chem)...will schools see the AP credit on my transcript when i send it to them and then waive that requirement or will i be taking freshman chem lab next semester?

    i'm mostly interested in pcom, ccom, azcom, and nova's policies??

    thanks for your help!!! good luck everyone. ;)
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    I think your best bet might be to call the schools and talk to them directly. They'll let you know the exact situation so you know what's up (you don't want to miss out on your #1 because they wanted you to take gen chem again and you didn't) Since you're receiving this info with acceptances, you can't really say anything wrong. And congratulations on the acceptances!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Tigerlily,

    I received AP credits for Physics I and Physics II. I never took either of them in college. However, my college awards 4 credits to physics I and 4 credits to physics II. So I had 8 AP credits that list on a transcript as transfer credits VIA the AP program. So my 8 credits met the requirement, and no schools had a problem with it. However, I did have to jump through a few hoops, because AACOM lists the AP credits with a star in that category, showing a deficiency. So unless the schools looked closely, they thought I had something funny going on with my physics credits.

    You have 7 credits of inorganic chemistry via the AP program. So I am assuming your school awarded you credit for Inorganic chem I and inorganic chem II. Essentially medical schools want to see 8 hours of inorganic chem. They want to see chem I and chem II both with an accompanying lab. So you are saying you took 6 credits of graduate level chemistry on top of the 7 AP credits. I am guessing they awarded you 3 credits for chem I and 3 credits for chem II and one credit for a chem lab.

    It sounds to me like the schools aren't picking up the AP credits because of the way AACOM reports it. I had this problem too. I would talk to each school directly and explain what you've taken and see if they will accept it. It sounds like it shouldn't be a problem. They took my AP credits without a fuss once I explained it.

    Have you heard from PCOM yet? ;-) Give Deb a call and ask her about it. It's a good chance to chat about your application!

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