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applicant pool for ostepathic school

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by MTY, Jul 5, 2000.

  1. MTY


    how is the applicant pool for DO schools compared to last year?

    does anyone know?
  2. Hello,

    This information is provided in the .pdf advisory provided by AACOM.

    In 1996 10781 people applied to 16 osteopathic schools.
    In 1997 10764 people applied to 17 osteopathic medical schools.
    In 1998 9544 people applied to 18
    osteopathic medical schools.
    In 1999 8396 people applied to 19 osteopathic medical schools.
    In 2000 7829 people applied to 19 osteopathic medical schools.

    There is no information provided for the Fall 2001 class.

    Take Care,



    When I say 19 medical schools, I mean that there are now 19 osteopathic schools in the U.S. I didn't mean that each applicant applied to all 19 schools. I wanted to clear up that ambiguity. The average number of schools applied to by each osteopathic applicant is around 5 or 6.

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  3. OP


    thanks for your info. really appreciate it.
  4. OP


    Isn't it strange that the stats keep getting better yet fewer people are applying? Are they being much more selective in admissions although there is a significant difference in the number of applicants?
  5. youngjock

    youngjock Membership Revoked

    Jun 13, 2000
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    so how many students those 19 schools will admit?

    do you know how many people took the april 2000 mcat? the number is 25,405. And 26,179 people took the april 1998 mcat.


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