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Application Timeline/Going Abroad


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Jun 16, 2002
    If I were to take the April 2003 MCAT, when would my scores be sent to my designated schools? Do I get to see them first and then designate what schools they are sent to or do the schools get my scores the same time I do?

    Then... assuming I file the AMCAS application first thing in June, around what time would secondaries come in? Interviews?

    I really want to travel around Asia and perhaps teach in Beijing, but I feel like the application process will basically require me to be in the states all summer! Is going abroad even feasible? (My parents don't speak English very well so that pretty much gets rid of the "designate a person to handle your application stuff" option)


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    Aug 24, 2001
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    1. Pre-Veterinary
      If you turn it in in June, you should start getting secondaries right about now. You could prolly enter everything then submit it from China without to much of a problem (or have one of your English peaking friends submit it for you. But you really should start turning in your secondaries starting in early august.


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      Jan 18, 2001
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        Your MCAT scores are sent to all the schools you specify on the primary AMCAS application. You can submit the AMCAS application either before or after you receive your scores. Secondaries can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to arrive once your AMCAS application is in. However, if you are back from your trip before September, it is not too late to be submitting secondaries in early September. Many people don't even submit the primary application until after the August MCAT results are returned in October. Therefore, you would still be ahead of them if you were to not fill out any secondaries until the end of the summer. But, most people would advise, the earlier your applications are in (both primaries and secondaries), the better. Good luck...
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        Jul 29, 2001
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        1. Attending Physician
          Everything is mostly electronic nowadays, but then there are still secondaries that come in the mail, so you need those secondaries to be sent to you if you are away, and you also have to make sure that you get everything else to the schools like LOR's.
          Interviews usually start around sept/oct till next year march/april. You probably could go away for a while, but then you need to be prepared and handle everything early.


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          Jan 21, 2002
            i honestly recommend being in the states during the application process.
            i'm sure there are some out there who have done what you want to do and it's certainly feasible...
            but the application process is already so stressful...
            it would be even more so, trying to coordinate everything from abroad.


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            Jan 9, 2002
            New York
            1. Attending Physician
              How soon after the exam can you see your scores? I thought they had some online method for those who took it this April.

              I am also planning on retaking it in April 2003, and I would like to see my scores before wasting money sending applications to school that are out of my range.

              If you submit your amcas in june/july, I reckon secondary appl. might take 3 weeks to follow(by regular mail), might be faster if the secondary is online.
              Some schools start requesting interviews around late august/sept. How would you fill out paper secondary appl. though?
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