Apply for postgraduate directly (as foreign dentist)

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Jul 6, 2016
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Hello I am a morrocan student and I study in France, I will enter my 4th year in dental university next September, and I start to think about moving to the US after my 6th year, once I get my dentist degree.

But I am wondering, can you apply for orthodontics studies in USA directly ? otherwise what is the path to follow ? I found the following on the internet :

- Complete the dental degree in the foreign country first
- Pass TOEFLL + NBDE part I
- Apply for US dental school as an international student
- 2 years with an international class
- Then 2 more years in the traditional 4 year program
- Then get the DDS

If I want to have an american orthodontics degree, do I have to add 3 years after ALL that (So 5 more years after my graduation in France), or can I directly jump to postgraduations courses.

And when I apply for a dental school, during the interview when they ask me what are my futures plans, it is okey to tell them that I would like to remain in the USA and get a job as a dentist ?


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Jun 19, 2016
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Your chance to get into ortho residency straight out of school from foreign country is slim to non, the best path for you is applying for international program then ortho residency or finish your residency overseas then redo it again in the States, I know so many orthodontists who were orthodontists overseas, but they went for advance standing in order to get US DDS/DMD then started again ortho residency. good luck