Apply to masters as back up?


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Apr 7, 2008
    If I don't get in for any reason to a school, would you guys recommend me starting my masters? I 'm interested in public health and feel like it would be the next level of education that would benefit me. I have heard of drawbacks though, some saying that med schools won't take students in the middle of programs? does that include part-time students too?

    what would you suggest as a back up??


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    Oct 12, 2007
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      if you were to get accepted to medical school while you were in a master program, you would probably have to quit grad school or defer your acceptance until you finish grad school, even if you were only part-time.

      Don't apply to master's programs unless you are genuinely interested in the program. Maybe you could try working in the field of public health while you prepare to apply again. Personally, I would look at my application and figure out why I didn't get in. Take the next year or two to strenghten your weak areas. A MPH alone probably won't get you in to med school the second time around.
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      Apr 2, 2007
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        Is your masters a 2 year program? If so, just apply for med school during the 2nd year so that you will graduate before you matriculate. Med schools always require you to finish your graduate degree program before you start, so don't apply too early (I do believe it is unlikely they'll accept you if you do). Also, I was in a 1 year masters program while I applied this year - don't overlook how time-consuming the application process is. If it wasn't for the fact that I already had most of my work done, I would probably not be graduating right now due to all the time I took off for this business lol.

        That said, I did find a graduate program to be more flexible about time off than a normal job would be. If you're going to take some extra time off either way, I'd suggest not throwing yourself into any job where your schedule would not be very flexible.
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