Medical Apply to Sacker and Ireland for September 2021 vs Applying to USMD for 2022?

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I am a Canadian student who is interested in getting into medical school. I have taken the MCAT 3 times - 506->505->509. My breakdown for the 509 is (129,123,128,129).
A 123 in Cars basically eliminates all Canadian schools, therefore I have been looking into US and Israel Medical schools due to their connection with the US (Sackler, Ben Gurion). Ideally, I would want to get into a mid-low tier US school. I have a cpga of 3.88 and sgpa of 3.90. I also have 2 first-author publications and my name on a few others. ECs are solid but aren't anything amazing.

Would having a 123 ruin my chances of applying to a USMD? While I want to get into medical school as soon as possible, as I am a few years out of my undergrad, I want to put myself in the best position to come back to Canada. However, if my Cars score and being a Canadian makes it unlikely that I will get accepted to a USMD, I'd rather apply to an international school (ex. Sackler) this year.

Furthermore, some of my Canadian friends have been unsuccessful in applying to USMD. The next year, two applied to the early decision program at Wayne State and they both received acceptance. I also found that 27/36 people in 2019 received an invite for their EDP. Would the EDP be the best route for me if I wanted to gain acceptance into a USMD?

Thanks in advance for your help!
A 123 and being Canadian will indeed make your chances for US MD almost nil.

You should be OK for the 14 or so DO schools that take Canadians.


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Thank you for your reply! I have started to think about possibly retaking the MCAT a fourth time. What should be the minimum score I should aim for to show an improvement. For example, I know a 510 would not help as it is only a 1 point increase but would a balanced 512 make me a more competitive applicant?
Any improvement is good BUT The higher the better.


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I can’t give you an exact score, but basically the average MCAT for MD is around 511 and average DO around you need to be shooting for quite a bit above that to even be remotely competitive.
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