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Aug 23, 2016
I am about to enter my second year of undergrad, but will definitely be graduating in 3 years rather than 4, so I am in a bit of a dilemma of whether I should apply during the summer before my third year or take a gap year. I will have finished all of my prereq classes (including biochem) except for the last quarter of physics before this spring, which is when I plan to take the MCAT if I apply in the upcoming cycle, so that shouldn't be a major problem.
My cGPA is currently a 3.81, my sGPA is a 3.75.
My ECs are reasonably strong (at least I think so):
- heavy research experience (in a lab since fall of freshman year; already have 5 poster presentations, 2 abstracts published, 4 more abstracts and a review paper currently in progress/submitted for publication)
- ~200 hrs hospital volunteering (will be ~400 hrs by next summer)
- ~30 hrs international clinic volunteer trips (will be ~60 hrs by next summer)
- ~450 hrs non-clinical volunteering (will be ~900 hrs by next summer) with an executive board leadership position since spring of freshman year
I have also had a job with an international tutoring and consulting company since September 2015, and work about 10 hrs a week.

I am mostly worried that I will not have a strong enough EC/research/work resume compared to students who apply after their third year, and I also currently have no shadowing experience and know basically no professors that I would feel comfortable asking for a letter of rec other than my PI, so any input/advice/opinions would be really helpful!
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