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Medical Applying for a state medical board training license- is ERAS app given to medical board?

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I matched for residency in March and am going through the process to obtain a training/institutional license directly with the medical board of the state where my residency program is located.

I have submitted a lengthy online application to the medical center where I matched last month, and then was given a number to use on the medical board website to submit another, very lengthy and complex, application for a state training license.

My question is: Will my ERAS application file be provided by the medical center to the state medical board/is it visible to the state medical board? I know for sure that the board will see/have access to the GME/medical center credentialing application and documents. But, I am wondering, will the medical board, for example, have access to my personal statement of my ERAS app, or is that "confidential." It seems like they will be able to access anything but I really would love to get a specific confirmation of this (beyond an answer of, "you have to disclose everything so just assume they do get your ERAS app").

THANK YOU for any and all knowledge in and around this subject.

It is possible though extremely unlikely that the Medical Board has access to it routinely (except California). But that access is not automatic, they have to ask and not a blanket request (as in, they have to have reasons for it, not just because you are applying as it is irregular). In most cases, would actually have to go through the institution and not AAMC, though I think it is technically possible for them to ask AAMC directly. In practice, should there be a question about veracity on a Medical Board application, they do ask. I really doubt though they would read your personal statement unless you otherwise drew attention to it. They will verify training and or disciplinary actions if you had to disclose them in the ERAS app and need a triangulation.

As the data policy defers release to the institutions themselves, unless they are Federal, every one has a clause with the "comply with the local regulatory authorities" as part of it. For the Federal, it is "comply with all regulatory authorities."

Also, researchers can get it, and a careless researcher is more or less a hack away from having it publicized. Assume that whatever you write does get out (and I know you did not want to hear that). They even sell data, though I would not think selling the personal statements would be something that commercial enterprise would want.
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