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Aug 22, 2017
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First off, I've read a couple of threads here and I'd really like to say thanks to everyone. The community here is really helpful, and I'd really be honoured to be a part of this family, so all of us could get to help one another secure our successful futures.

I'm a 17 years old Pakistani student, who along with his family has been sponsored by his Uncle (who lives in Arizona, US) quite a while ago, and I'm expected to be in the States in June 2018. Since, I've failed to secure admission in a med-school in Pakistan here, I'd really like to secure one in US.

I've done the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) O/A Level (The British equivalent to high school) with 6 A*s and 2 A's in my O-Levels (combined Freshman/Sophomore Year. I took English Language, Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies) and 3 A*s in my A-Levels (combined Juniour/Senior Year in Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Oh, and I also appeared for an extra subject in my AS-Level (Junior Year) in which I scored a B (in General Paper AS Level Only).

I'm anticipating to apply for a US Med school in Arizona (preferably). I'm an immigrant, I think I won't be able to get loans from the government right when I arrive at the US, or is it otherwise? I'm not sure, does any one know more about this?
Plus, I haven't appeared for any SAT/ACT exam, or done any extra-circulars.

If any one of you, highly helpful people, can evaluate my chances of securing admission, and checking whether I have a greenlight or two to be awarded a scholarship, I'd be highly grateful to you guys.

Thanks all!


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Apr 9, 2015
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Hi! Welcome to SDN! :D

First off, unlike in the UK or Pakistan, there are very few US programs that admit students straight from high school. In the US, the large majority of medical admissions occur after you attend an undergraduate institution and get a Bachelor's degree. Most pre-medical college students choose to get a degree in one of the sciences, but you can study whatever you are interested in as long as you also complete specific science coursework.

1 year biology with labs
1 year physics with labs
1 year general/inorganic chemistry with labs
1 year organic chemistry with labs*
1 year English (usually part of a regular degree)

*Some schools accept 1 semester organic chemistry with lab + 1 semester biochemistry

After taking these courses, you would take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), which is specifically for medical school applicants.

Here you can find a ton of information from the AAMC (American Association of Medical Colleges) about what you need to apply to medical school, including coursework and test scores.

Most of us in the US don't have a lot of experience with A-levels, etc., because we don't take them here, but universities will be familiar with the examinations. From what I do know, it looks like you've done pretty well! There is a very good chance you could go to a university in Arizona for that Bachelor's degree, but unfortunately you won't be able to go straight into medical school in Arizona.

Best of luck to you!
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Apr 1, 2016
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Welcome to SDN! @Eleithyia is right; unless you get into a very rare joint Bachelors/Medicine program, you will need to complete undergraduate, then medical school, then residency.

It's a long road, but you'll figure it out. I leave some basic advice for not completely ruining everything.

1. Do not go to a for-profit school
2. Do not go to a school outside the United States. It gets harder and harder to get into the US as you spend part of your education outside of it. You can go to Pakistani schools if you want to practice medicine in Pakistan, otherwise I advise against it.
3. There are four things that, once you get into college, med schools will see. You can't erase them.
~grades/GPA. If you go to multiple colleges, dual enrollment, whatever. Med schools will see.
~MCAT. The standardized test college students take to apply to med school. You can take it many times if you don't like your score, but med schools will see all of them
~Institutional actions/criminal record. Don't cheat, steal things, or hurt people.
~Reapplicant status. Apply for med school when you feel ready.

Most of these don't apply until you are in college, which is your next step, but they are useful to keep in mind!
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May 29, 2017
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You will need Harvard/Stanford stats for schools that admit international students, and some schools may likely ask you to put entire 4-year tuition upfront before you matriculate. Indeed, international students generally have no access to student loans and scholarship.
So plz be aware of all these kinds of stuff that makes international students inferior to US citizens.
Since you just became a pre-med, you need to finish 4-year undergraduate degree first. Also, as international students are so inferior to US citizens and PR, you may need to get a master or even phD, and then start to compete with these residents.
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