Aug 31, 2014
Hi all,

I was wondering if there is anyone on here who has failed out of St. George or Ross that later reapplied and was admitted to a US or even an international AVMA accredited school. I am facing dismissal due to failing classes and I just need to know if my appeal isn't granted if there is any hope for me or if this is the end of the road for my dream career.

I have strong grades from undergrad, a biochem major with a 3.75 GPA, tech experience, shelter experience, and lots of animal experience other than in the medical field. I also was an EMT and had pretty good GRE scores. I attend an island school and my first semester was brutal. Between some serious depression and anxiety issues, switching anti depressants, a roommate who was legitimately insane (and has been allowed to fail out and return twice), and a horrible allergic reaction leading to a staph infection in all four limbs, my transition to the island was nothing short of horrible and I failed two classes which I repeated. Once I moved on to second semester, I failed a few exams in physio and parasitology and brought both grades up significantly but in the mean time slipped up with an anatomy exam. Despite studying really hard for the last midterm, I had several panic attacks before the exam and completely blanked in the practical and failed it. I busted my ass for the final and while I passed, I didn't get the grade I needed to pass the class. I am appealing my dismissal that I will be notified of any day now but I'm terrified that it won't be granted.

I'm working really hard on my appeal, I had three anatomy tutors this semester who will all write letters, plus the anatomy lab TA who can vouch I was in lab after hours a lot. I also was highly involved in a rescue organization and the president as well as other members will be writing me letters for my appeal. I am getting a letter from my counselor for my appeal as well. At this point though, I still need to think about a back up plan because if my appeal isn't granted, I am left with nothing else I want to do.

If anyone has ever failed a Caribbean school and successfully gained admittance to another school later on, please share with me your story. I don't think I will ever give up my dream of being a shelter vet and even though I struggle with coping with island life, I will do anything to become a vet and I will be devastated if I am dismissed.

Any positive success stories would be greatly appreciated <3


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Mar 7, 2016
Regardless of whether you are accepted back or not, I think it's important that you look at your health. You mention you've struggled with depression and anxiety, both of which are very difficult to live with, let alone while earning a doctorate degree.

I encourage you to take a year off, whether or not you are accepted back, to find out what works for you. Talk to a therapist, find which medication works best, and learn methods of coping with high-stress. After your health is better, then you may consider applying to veterinary school again. Even if you aren't dismissed, you can ask for a year deferral.

Most importantly, taking a year off could help you tremendously in anxiety and depression if you seek help. Believe me, it CAN be beaten, and I have first-hand proof. Secondly, if you are dismissed and if you decide to re-apply after a year deferral, you can write a great personal statement about your experience.

Put your own health first. You are more important than veterinary school.


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May 27, 2015
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I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I just began my first year of veterinary school at Iowa State University, and have long struggled with anxiety. You sound like such a hard worker, don't lose hope! :)
Jan 30, 2015
A little input. I do know one individual that was at an island school that started to struggle with his health ALOT, to the point where he had to be rushed out of the island to see an doctor. He was allowed to transfer to MSU as a vet student. I believe the process to do this was difficult, but he did it. Maybe look into that? Im not sure given your grades in vet school currently if it'd be easy, but you clearly have shown that your bad grades are due to health issues and not for lack of effort. Either way, I think a year off would truly serve you well. Even just the first year is ridiculously stressful at any school (Im currently at CSU) and maybe bettering your health before attempting again wherever it is you end up might serve you 1000x