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May 22, 2001
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do we have any nurses that went to medical school. i am in the process of applying and was hoping for some encouragement. I'm applying to some D.O. schools and am hoping to build some contacts so that if i get some interviews this year, i can get some advice regarding your school and the transition and stuff.

thank you.


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Apr 23, 2001
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I don't think you're crazy!!! There are nurse to docs in this forum that I've met. I'm just not sure how often they're around. Hope you get some questions answered and encouragement you need.... If being a doctor is what you want, I say go for it. You'll have a different perspective than some applicants in that you've worked some of the trenches with the docs.... So, why did you decide on pusuing a medical degree instead of staying as a nurse? Just interested to hear people's stories :D Lot's of luck to you....


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Oct 13, 2000
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wsu -

There are quite a few RN to MD/DO's out there; I have found that many stay hidden and prefer to private e-mail. LOL! :D

I'm a non-trad that will be attending LECOM in Aug. MD schools didn't impress me much with their "attitude" (JMHO). They weren't thrilled with my background or willing to embrace my "former" life(lives). The interviews were a version of "I'll show you my ball$ if you show me yours" (after 5-6 yrs as a Charge RN in a ED/Trauma Unit you have a tendancy to grow big brass ones ;) ). I thought, 'Why should I go to your school after you treated my like sh#t during the interview and on the phone?'....hey, I understand the whole "stress-interview" concept/see what you're made of thing...that's all well and good, but when it gets down to flat out insults....(JMHO)

Needless to say, I did more research. Talked to the DOs I worked with (one of them a former ER/Critical Care RN). Made some inital "cold calls" to 3 DO schools - one was nicer than the other - and these people didn't know me from Adam. They flat out invited me to their campus to talk with them even before they received any of my application stuff. I was impressed. They embraced my former career(s) and gave me ideas on how to BUILD FROM THEM to become a competent, Board Certified, DO ('They liked me, they really liked me!' LOL).

Do your research. Apply to both if you're on the fence/have something to prove/don't want to live your life wondering if you could get into "allopathic" school. Your allopathic experience certainly may be quite different than mine. Decide where your goals lie: If you're planning on a highly competitive surgical specialty, for example, allopathic is the way to go from what I hear *someone correct me if I'm in error please*. Can it be done DO-route? I'm sure there's someone out there who's already blazed that trail, so to speak; it's just a matter of finding them/how they did it. I'm ultimately looking for Board Certification in EM. There's my goal. I can do that either DO or MD. I was pleased with my reception at DO school - therefore, I'm going DO. Will I keep blinders on during my rotations? Certainly not! Another pearl I was told - enjoy the rotations (esp. if you have already been in a specialty nursing field like I have been for any length of time)! Heck, I may even find out that I want to go into something else - and that'll be OK, too. Board Certification is available in most aspects of medicine (except Trauma, that I know of for sure - again, correct/fill in for me someone).

As far as the "big" choice of exactly which school to can listen to all the comments from people you like, but when it comes down to it, it's something that you need to judge and decide on your own. How did they treat you (in person and on the phone)? Will they give you a solid education? Are their COMLEX scores average/above average compared to national average? (I had one school tell me that their scores were below average but passing, and dropping every year because they were teaching the wrong/old material :eek: ) How did the students look, how did they act towards you (we had a group at one school insult us as we walked by them)? Take some "alone-time" and walk around the school/grounds/town/city and think to yourself, "Do I picture myself here?" "How do I feel?" (I know this sounds corny but it helped me decide.)

Best of luck to you on your journey from nurse to physician! Feel free to e-mail me.

Kat :)


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Aug 31, 2000
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I second most everything that Kat said in the previous post. I only applied to MD schools to make my father happy (kept asking me why I hadn't), but I had known from the time I decided to apply I was going "D.O.". My decision was based on a D.O. (resident) had met when I was getting my undergrad degree in nursing (back in the stone ages ;). His rapport with patients and staff was just exemplary. In fact, I used one of the encounters I had with him to write my AACOMAS essay. Any way, you can always e-mail me for any advice if you'd like. I, too was an ER nurse (also most any critical care specialty save neuro and CVICU) and am now a 4th year medical student. It can happen if you want it, good luck. Ted.
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