Applying to Medical school with a B.A.S.


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Jan 24, 2013
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    I am currenty a Firefighter/Paramedic, but I have been spending a lot of time around Doctors and thought a lot about going to Medical school. I am currently taking Chem 1 and A&P 1 right now. I understand that in order to apply to most Medical schools you need a Bachelors degree. The only Bachelors programs that my A.S degree from Paramedic school seems to transfer to are Bachelors of Applied Sciences. Is this an acceptable degree to apply to Medical school with? Or would I be better off just taking an extra year or so and getting a Bachelors in say Biomedical Science, Bio, Chem, or even a BS in Nursing? The majority of people that I see who apply have either a B.A or a B.S, not a B.A.S. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks a lot.


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    May 4, 2011
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      I have never heard of B.A.S. You can major in anything, do the medical school pre-reqs and you wont have trouble getting into med school. Now, you might want to med schools around your area and ask them about the degree that your school offers. Also try to talk to a counselor at your school and see if others have successfully been admitted to med schools with that type of degree. :luck:
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      Jan 9, 2013
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        The only Bachelors programs that my A.S degree from Paramedic school seems to transfer to are Bachelors of Applied Sciences

        Is this bachelors degree at a fully accredited university? Can you tell us what school this is?

        As long as the school is fully accredited, such as WASC accredited, SACS accredited, etc, then the bachelors degree should be fine.

        is the issue that the paramedic classes will transfer and fulfil the lower division req'ts for that major?
        Mar 25, 2012
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          No to the BS in nursing.

          Pre-reqs, and a bachelors in *almost* anything will meet requirements, id think.

          just dont do the nursing major if you're planning on med school,
          you'll just get grilled on it.

          you could still get in, but you'd face more questioning on ur major.


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          Jan 20, 2010
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            I echo those above me saying that contacting your prospective schools would be the safest answer. Nevertheless, most schools merely require a bachelor's degree of any kind along with satisfactorily completing prerequisite courses (e.g., bio 1/2, chem 1/2, physicis 1/2, orgo 1/2, etc.). Some schools don't even require a degree and only ask that you've completed a certain number of credit hours and have taken the prerequisite coursework. I think you'll be fine. But I'd email your prospective schools to be sure. Good luck!
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