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Aug 17, 2013
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Hi guys,

I'm taking the April 11 exam and right now I'm a bit confused about how to study. So far I've completed most of the content review (I went through TBR chem and phys books and the first phase questions, EK bio, every 3rd EK 1000 question for each subject, and now I'm finishing up TBR orgo). Unfortunately, after taking 3 full lengths and and scoring in the 23- 25 region, I'm worried about how to do study at this stage. When I reviewed the full lengths, I missed most of the questions because of not paying attention to the passage or not reading the question and answers carefully. Only some of the missed questions were because of lack of content. So I feel like I really need to improve my test taking skills and also further solidify content knowledge. How should I go about this? I have TPR SW, all TBR, EK, AAMC self assessment, and Kaplan. I have so much practice material that I don't know where to start. Please tell me what you would do in my situation. Thank you in advance!
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Nov 13, 2012
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First, don't get discouraged. You need confidence you get through this. You have enough time to follow a study plan like Sn2ed's 3 month (see the stickies in this forum). I just started the 4 month version and the fact that I know what I am doing every day before the MCAT gives me peace of mind -- especially when others have seen success with this program + hard work.
Aug 3, 2013
It sounds like your content is solid, which is great! I found TPR's Science and Verbal workbooks incredibly helpful, since there are so many practice questions. They were on par with the level of difficulty I saw on the real MCAT. I wouldn't waste my time on Kaplan, as the questions are frankly far more difficult than most questions you will see on the MCAT. AAMC exams are good at predicting the style of questions as well as your score. I took some of the old AAMC exams (the longer paper versions) to build endurance, which was helpful. Good luck!