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Mar 21, 2002
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I found an email I sent to some friends taking the august mcat right after my april mcat. Perhaps some people will get some value out of it!

Again this is what I remember from the april 2002 mcat, I had test form DM.


1) Acid base chemistry. Gave tables of Kas of acids, questions such as how much would the pH go up by adding these two things together. WHich one was the most acidic. Nothing special
2) Passage about projectile motion, but most questions unrelated. Asked a question "Which person associated with the equation for pressure and velocity: (Bernoulli). A question about the doppler effect, asking what happends to the frequency if the source moving closer to the observer (f goes up)

Discretes: one had a picture of a vertical pipe, open on top, with fluid coming out. The question asked why does the fluid spread out at top or was
it asking about the pressure? Had your token electrochemistry question with a table of reduction potentials and aksed which one would reduce so and so metal. Discrete on some atom being bombarded with deuterium, what would happen?
Discrete on refraction.

3) Passage on friction. An experiment with a tire and axle and measured how much force it took for the tires to drag. Table of results. One question on what the kinetic friction coefficient was, another on what the static was.
4) Passage on hydrogen spectra and Bohr's and Rutherfords model. How Bohr got the lines when he dicovered things were quantized and that light was
being emitted due to excited energy states. Had a reading comp type question about why Bohr's theory was significant. It was because he
included photons in his theory ( this was in the passage)
5) Passage on translational motion. Questions involved manipulating equations.
6) Passage on waves being diffracted. But I dont remember it asking too many questions related
7) Thermo passage with table of experimental values of some chemical reactions. Asked questions on when will a reaction be spontaneous..usual thermo questions.
8) Passage on an experiment involving heating a copper bar, which would expand and then complete an electrical circuit, which would light up a
lightbulb and project it's image through a converging lens (I'm not kidding). Asked what kind of image it would be (real & inverted). Asked
what kind of energy is the electricity converted to in the lightbulb (heat and light), asked why copper would complete the cicuit (cuz it conducts
electricity). All questions were pretty simple.
9) I think there was a passage on simple harmonic motion.

Other passage based equations: One asking how frequency was related to length of pendulum (the w'gl thing helped here)

1) passage on chron's disease. large intestine question.
2) passage on different types of evolution, questions mostly about the passage.
3) orgo passages were pretty straightforward. Usual mix of crazy compounds but you just needed to recognize which functional groups were changing.
Had a question about what was an oxidizing agent, what is the nuceophile in this reaction, etc. Discrete about aldo condensation where you had to
predict the product. Had a specific question about IR spectra about the carbonyl spectra. Forgot the specific question but it wasn't too bad when I realized that only one answer choice was obvious.
4) Passage on steroid horomes, specifically on estrogen and its effects on frogs and chickens. Asked questions on where steroids work, what other
hormone works similar to it.
5) bio discretes - question about aldosterone, what does the diaphragm do during inspiration, a question what part of the nephron would suffer most if u had high bp but had otherwise normal kidney function (answer is glomerus). Question about what isn't part of the mesoderm (answer was
6) passage on physiology of runners, had tables of values of each runner and paramters like lactic acid level, glycogen levels etc. Questions were mostly reading comp like.


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Mar 21, 2002
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Hey Dr Octopus-
I wrote that thing the day after the mcat. I forgot EVERYTHING by now. It's amazing how quickly you forget.. I only remembered I wrote it when a friend asked me to resend that email to her (she's taking the aug mcat).
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