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Practice Management
Dealing with Difficult People
One of the most impressive talks that literally changed my way of thinking and interacting with others was from Lloyd D. Newell, a motivational speaker, on the subject of dealing with grumps, grouches and difficult people. In this article, I would like to share what I have learned about conflict management from a variety of sources in 24 years of ophthalmology.

Accounting Statements for Ophthalmology Practices
In this article, I will review some accounting principles and accounting statements that are useful for assessing the financial state of your ophthalmology practice. I will also review aspects of more traditional accounting and the reports that define the performance and financial condition of the “business” of your practice.

An Inside Look at the Mid-Year Forum
For this issue of YO Info, Stephen Khachikian, MD, shares his experiences at the 2008 Mid-Year Forum. Dr. Khachikian is a third-year resident in Albany, N.Y., and will be entering a cornea fellowship in Albany in July. He was sponsored by the Cornea Society through the Academy’s Advocacy Ambassador Program.

Eight Pearls for Reducing Medical Errors in Eye Pathology
Patient safety has become a major topic of interest since the publication of the Institute of Medicine’s landmark study on medical errors in the United States in 1999. This benchmark report used published data concerning the frequency of medical errors in the United States. The findings showed that medical errors accounted for between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths per year nationwide and that medical errors cost payers, including the U.S. government, between $17 billion and $29 billion annually. Additionally, medical errors increase costs, induce patient harm and may result in the loss of your medical license.

Events & Resources

Making the Most of the O.N.E.: Tips by YOs, for YOs
YO Committee members Rob Melendez, MD, and Sanjay Kedhar, MD, have been so impressed by the Academy’s new Ophthalmic News & Education (O.N.E.™) Network, they’ve compiled this handy PDF guide for other YOs. Download their tips.

Help Improve Eye Safety by Tracking Injuries May 11 to 18
The fifth-annual Eye Injury Snapshot project is next month. Help the Academy and the American Society of Ocular Trauma by documenting and reporting the ocular injuries you see between May 11 and 18. Learn more.

Preferred Practice Patterns: Amblyopia
As a service to its members and the public, the Academy has developed a series of guidelines called Preferred Practice Patterns™ (PPP) that identify characteristics and components of quality eye care. The YO Info newsletter provides a link to a PPP to help familiarize young ophthalmologists with this important resource.
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