Are Community College credits looked down upon for Med Schools and are they seen as easier and less competitive?


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Dec 29, 2016
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I'm thinking about going to a community college and transferring credits to a university and finishing my bachelors degree.

Is it better/more competitive if I just take 1 school year of community college and 3 schools years at a traditional college for my bachelor's degree to get into med school, than it would be if I took 2 school years at a community college and 2 schools years at a traditional college?

1) Do medical schools in general look down on credits transferred from a community college? Are CC credits seen as easier and less competitve, and if it was down to 1 space available between me and another student who had the same types of classes but had all their credits taken at a traditional 4-year university, would the other student have the higher advantage?
2) Do high-ranking medical schools look down or not accept credits that were taken at a community college?
3) Do Ivy-league medical schools such as Harvard and Yale look down on or not accept credits taken at a community college?

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It’s fine to do your basic core stuff at CC (bio 101, English comp, lit, history, math), but I would recommend doing your higher level science courses at a 4 year university.

I did 1 year at CC because it was cheaper and I was a nontrad and the CC offered classes at times that fit my schedule with my family obligations. I took pre-calc, trig, lit, world hist, English comp, micro, and anatomy & phys at the CC then switched to a 4 year for all my chemistry, physics, stats, and the upper level bios. The fact that I did my first year at CC was never brought up in my interviews.

I didn’t apply to ivys or high ranking schools so I can’t speak to their preferences.
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