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Are my chances of getting into neuro exsanguinating as I type? :(


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7+ Year Member
Jun 20, 2006
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    Just looking for some advice...

    I am beginning to get worried as I see so many people have interviews on the stickied thread.
    (congrats to you all! :thumbup: )

    I didn't get my ERAS apps out until 10/11 and applied to about 20 programs.
    I have only heard back from a couple in which they said they are in the "looking over apps process."
    Did I apply too late?

    My stats are embarrassingly average...class rank, boards, etc.
    Never failed anything, either in med school or boards.

    So does being average automatically put me in the "B" pile of apps?

    I am starting to get get a wee bit worried since it is almost been a month.

    I would almost welcome a rejection email at this point.

    Should I start applying to more programs?

    Start considering the fact I may not match?

    Thanks in advance!:D


    Full Member
    10+ Year Member
    7+ Year Member
    Oct 6, 2006
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      Although 10/11 is a little bit late, I think maybe the biggest issue is the number of programs you applied to. Did you make sure to throw in a good mix of 'reaches' and 'safeties' (relatively speaking)?

      I don't think being average automatically puts you into a "B" pile of apps. It's probably an issue more with the timing of your ERAS (which you can't change now), and the number and types of programs you applied to.

      I, myself, am a pretty average candidate but I applied early and to A LOT of programs just to cover my bases. If it's not too late to add more programs, definitely do so. It doesn't hurt! Good luck!!!!


      Senior Member
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      Oct 14, 2005
      1. Medical Student
        I wish you good luck, its scary waiting for those invitations to roll in. The only suggestion I have is to check and see if it's too late to send in new apps. ERAS will let you, and happily take your money, even if it's past the deadline of the schools and many of them do not accept new apps after 11/1. But check! I don't know every school's deadline, just keep in mind that you SHOULD check and save yourself the $.
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