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Oct 11, 2002
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I do not mean to offend anyone. I like anyone of you am looking to get into a dental school, ANY DENTAL SCHOOL.
But at times I think to myself is it realy worth it to go to a private dental school and graduate with $250,000 in loans??? Or is it better to do something else with my life, even though this has been my goal all along.
As a dentist how easy time we would have to pay off that loan. Lets put the interest and goals asid, and just economically speaking is it worth it to go to a private school if the source of the money for tuition, fees and living expenses is going to be only from loans???
And does anyone knows the order of most expensive dental schools. I heard BU, temple, Harvard, NYU are on the top of the list.


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Jul 24, 2002
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Well, if you ask my sister, her answer would be an absolute YES! It is indeed worth it to go to a private dental school if that's what you have to do.

The primary reason why my sister went to NYUCD rather than other dental schools was because she was in their combined 7-year BA/DDS program. She owes $250,000 by the time she graduated, but that's okay because she is grossing $180K/yr right out of the gate after residency, having learned some very marketable skills there (implant and perio surgery). And best of all, she's young and has plenty of time to pay it off.

If you are really worried about owing money and if you are young (expecting to graduate dental school at around 25), then you might want to consider a Goverment Health Profession Scholarship. You will be required to serve at an underpriviledged area or in the military for 5 years (depending on which scholarship you apply to), but the Federal Government will pay your dental school tuition and living expenses bill in entirety.

I have three classmates who are here in my school on Health Profession Scholarships (two with the U.S. Army and one with the U.S. Navy). There is also another who is considering signing up with the Indian Health Service HPS.

Definitely a plausible alternative if you are young and don't mind deferring private practice for 5 years..

Good luck!
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