Aug 14, 2015
Hello :)
I was thinking of applying to a French medical school but I heard all these rumors about it online which pretty much scared me off. I want to know some things and hope you can answer me :)

1) Do international students get treated differently? For example one post said that an international student's exam paper wasn't even marked and when he asked why he was told that as he was an international student they couldn't let him continue.
2) I already know like 80% of the subject matter of the first year because I've done them in my country. I did a first semester paper of PACES and got like 85% correct. That means I won't have much of a problem with the PACES. Right?
3) Are medical students super competitive with each other and do horrible things to put someone down?
4) As a percentage, how many students out of the total students who entered the medical school will successfully get an MD?
5) Is tutoring done after lectures for all students?

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