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Feb 14, 2014
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some schools will definitely provide better education, but at the end we're just all same dentists. schools don't really matter unless you are looking into specialties.


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Aug 10, 2014
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Will going to one of those schools (ranking #50 and below) affect my career significantly?
It could impact your career significantly. Generally, a low GPA/DAT makes you uncompetitive for the lower-cost public/state schools and also reduces your chances of getting certain scholarships (like the HPSP). As a result, your options will likely be the more expensive private dental schools where you will have to take out sizable loans (assuming you don't come from a wealthy family).

More expensive private dental schools = more loans (compounding at high interest rates) = longer time to pay off your student loans/establish your practice/save up for retirement/whatever financial goals you have.

So to answer your question, having a low GPA/DAT generally reduces your options, which leads to increased financial burden on your future dentist self, which can tremendously impact your personal (job satisfaction, etc.) and financial (your financial goals, etc.) health throughout your career.
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