Medical Are You Ready to Write Your Med School Personal Statement?

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After years of work as a premed, you’re ready for the last hurdle before med school: the actual med school application process. You can do it!

One of the things that makes the personal statement portion of the application both challenging and exhilarating is that you have total control over it: you can’t go back in time and redo your grades, but when it comes to your essay, it’s all about you.

That’s also why the essay is such an important part of the application. It’s a chance for the adcom to learn something about you as a person that they may not get from the rest of your application. And it’s why the essay requires careful thought and attention.

That’s why we’ve created our webinar, The 5-Step Guide to Successful Medical School Personal Statements. You’ll learn specific, action-directed steps you can take to approach the personal statement successfully. And because we know premeds are busy, we’ve packed it all into just one hour. Don’t miss it – reserve your spot today!

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