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Sep 17, 2001
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i hate this question...why do schools keep asking...are you related to anyone who attended our MD program?....why do they ask that....aren't we the ones they're evaluating? am i gonna get the small envelopes because my parents aren't MDs? :mad:

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Jan 4, 2002
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Many schools give additional consideration to ppl whose parents went to that school. I know, I don't think its particularly fair either.

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Apr 28, 2002
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Yeah, I hate that too...

Just for fun I'd like to put "yes, my aunt's husband's cousin's adopted daughter's father's brother went to your school... "
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a lot of places guarentee and interview if you are related or attended their undergrad (i.e. cornell) - but getting in is another matter - you can still definately be rejected, but i'm sure it helps a bit.


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Jul 28, 2001
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My grandfather went to UCSF. Sure didn't help me! I wouldn't worry about it. If you start obsessing about how or why everyone else got won't be able to concentrate on yourself.
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