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Hi, I'm a Florida resident. I was born and raised here, go to college here, you get the picture. I'm thinking about what med schools I should send applications to(I'm only a college freshmen, but I'm getting an idea) and I'm interested in the Arkansas College of Medicine, however I'm not a resident to the state and they allow a LIMITED number of out-of-staters. Their website says that if you are an out-of-stater, you must prove STRONG TIES to the state. My father was born in Arkansas, my grandmother still lives in Little Rock, my cousin(my father's niece) went to the U of A undergrad, and I think my father's uncle is an alumni of the U of A(I'm checking up on that).Are these strong enough ties? How would I be able to get around this? Any Arkansas med students here?? and ya'll, please don't make remarks about how people in Arkansas don't have internet and don't know how to read. ;)
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