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Mar 4, 2008
Dental Student
I'm getting ready to apply for the 2012 application cycle. I plan on applying to UTENN, LSU, Louisville, Oklahoma, UMKC, Florida, and Baylor. Here is some of my stats and extracurriculars

Overall GPA-3.6
Sci GPA-3.7
DAT-19AA (BIO-18, GC-20, OC-20, RC-19, QR-17, PAT-21)

Comittee of DU
Pre-dent society member
Bio club member
Worked as dental assistant for over 300 hours
Shadowed ~75 hours of orthodontics/oral surgery/ endodontics
EX member (social chair)
Volunteer hours-50

I would probably have a 4.0 if it wasn't for one bad semester. What is your opinion on me getting in? Should I retake the DAT? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jul 17, 2010
You have a really solid application going, and you have everything ready to go it seems. I don't think you need to worry about retaking the DAT with a 19/19/21, because those are good scores! My advice would be to spend that time working on/refining your personal statement and just getting your application in early for the first mailing batch, and you should have a good chance of getting interviews for 2012! Good luck!