Mar 27, 2013
Hello! I'm a 23 y/o female and I'm looking at the Army HPSP scholarship. I've thought very long and hard about the pros and cons, and I've figured out that I'm one of the few people for whom the scholarship would actually make financial sense and decided that I really wouldn't mind the military lifestyle (as I've heard it described by people who have been through similar programs). HOWEVER, my one big reservation right now is that I can't help but think it'll be hard to maintain relationships given that I won't always be able to choose where I live. It almost seems like a silly thing to worry about because relationships could end for so many reasons, but I've already experienced relationships failing because I've had to move for work or school, and I'd really hate to have that keep happening over and over for the next 12-15 years. Has anyone had experience in this area that they'd be willing to share? Stories about how you did/did not make relationships work? I want to know if I'm right to be concerned, or if this is really a non-issue.


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This has been discussed multiple times.

Basically, if your SO is not in the .mil, (s)he doesn't exist as far as the .mil is concerned. No geographic assignment considerations will be made. If your SO has a professional career that they won't/can't put on hold, things could get very difficult (look up Fort Wainwright, Leonard Wood, Polk, Korea and imagine yourself there).

If you want to make it work, it will take a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Ask me how I know....

Also, you statement "I wouldn't mind the military" leads me to believe that you have NO IDEA what you are getting yourself into. Look through the forum, read a few threads, and think long and hard about signing up to 14 years of your life away with an organization that will have complete power over your life.
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