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Arrowhead osteopathic surgical residency


Professor of Life
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Aug 9, 2002
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Any thoughts on Arrowhead Osteopathic General Surgery Residency? Teaching, case loads, variety of cases, outside rotations?
Thanks guys

I was all set to interview there but cancelled a week before interviews. So all I can give you is interview trail gossip that I picked up from a few COMP students who rotated there. They take 4 per year supposedly and they work hard, sort of a "top heavy" program. Attendings are very good, but not buddy-buddy with residents. Strong trauma, plenty of pathology with the indigent population. The relationship with Riverside Hospital is a bonus.

Disclaimer: this is all hearsay, but all in all it sounded like a solid osteopathic program.
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