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Apr 16, 2008
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Opportunity Title: Assistant Director of Pharmacy

Location: Missouri

Contact Info: Judy Soliman at (309) 661-9600 x106 or via email at [email protected] if interested or know someone interested. Please visit our website at www.grnbloomington-south.com for additional insights and information.

Background/ Qualifications Required:

EDUCATION: Pharm D or BS in Pharmacy from an accredited College of Pharmacy. A Pharmacy Practice Residency from an ASHP approved residency program. A Masters in Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, Pharmacy Administration or related field is desired.

LICENSURE: Licensed (or eligible) in the State of Missouri to Practice Pharmacy

EXPERIENCE: Three to five years managerial experience or residency related management experience. Experience with unit-dose systems, IV Admixture programs, and in-service programs to public, healthcare professionals, and providing clinical pharmacy services. Experience in computer applications to pharmacy services.

ESSENTIAL TECHNICAL/MOTOR SKILLS: Have a thorough knowledge of the clinical and technical skills needed to provide high quality outcomes within the service. Knowledge of the operational and technical skills to meet high quality outcome. Will have the ability to direct others to resources to be used to develop technical answers. Have the skills to develop processes to be used to respond to all customer groups, regardless of the level of technical skill needed.

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Team oriented, ability to develop and analyze core processes and plan implementation. Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills and present a positive image for the hospital. Must be motivated and emote a positive attitude. Ability to work independently. Possess strong negotiation skills.

ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Moving, walking, balancing, kneeling, crouching, stooping, reaching, standing, pushing, pulling, lifting, and restraining. Lifting requirement not to exceed fifty pounds. Must travel throughout the hospital complex to meet with users in their environment.

ESSENTIAL MENTAL ABILITIES: Will possess a set of skills including, but not limited to forecasting, analyzing, synthesizing, explaining, adapting, comprehending, interpreting data, negotiating, organizational skills, speaking in front of groups, team leadership, conflict resolution, listening skills, the ability to select and develop a competent team, and the flexibility to meet the changing needs of the enterprise, and analytical skills. Will maintain skills in process improvement and change management.

ESSENTIAL SENSORY REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to communicate via telephone and in person. Must be able to review reports and organization goals for quality and accuracy. Communicate effectively with all levels of staff and customers.

Company Highlights:

· Our client is a large community-based hospital focused on patient safety and commitment to clinical excellence.
· Benefits include comprehensive health care coverage, paid vacation and a $5,000 sign on bonus.
· They honor the importance of a work-life balance and offer a competitive salary.

The Assistant Director of Pharmacy is a leadership entry position designed to prepare future leaders for the organization. The role combines education, orientation and mentoring to assure effective leadership performance. Organizes, supervises, coordinates, facilitates and oversees pharmacy activities across products and department. This position requires a complete understanding of the workings of the various medical staff committees involved with setting medication standards\guidelines for the Hospital. The Associate Team Leader is an active participant in gathering the information necessary to set medication standards\guidelines and working out the details necessary to implement them. The position also requires a complete understanding of the distributive functions of the pharmacy service and is responsible for supervising and monitoring the work performed by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the pharmacy buyer when appropriate, including providing performance feedback, coaching and discipline of the staff. The Associate Team Leader will assess, monitor and educate the Pharmacy staff on patient care and assure safe, compliant care while meeting customer satisfaction needs and goals of the unit and the organization. All duties will be carried out with a focus on effective relationships with nursing unit staff members, ancillary departments, physicians, other hospital leadership and ultimately, with patients and others visiting the system.


Employees are responsible for the following behaviors:
Accountability, Communication, Appearance, Confidentiality/Privacy, Attittude and Courtesy

Employees in this position perform the following technical competencies:
1. Support of the Team Leader and Service Leader in implementing objectives and recommending improvements that support the mission and vision of the organization, particularly in regard to patient safety, quality and satisfaction. He or she will also participate in developing and maintaining staffing standards and guidelines; ensure appropriate staffing for shifts, ensure integrity of patient acuity data, and work with other departments to identify and resolve unit staffing issues on a regular basis.

2. Participation in staff development activities—interacting as needed with Team Leader, Education Department and others to continuously improve clinical competency and effectiveness of department staff. The Associate Team Leader will have a significant role in coaching and performance feedback with unit staff in both clinical and interpersonal effectiveness needed to assure safe and satisfactory care to patients. This role will also be involved in annual performance evaluation feedback and preparation of development plans to optimize staff performance.

3. Monitoring of employee and customer satisfaction data to define primary issues impacting scores and working with others in the department and organization to assure effective individual and team-oriented effectiveness. In addition, this person will be responsible for rounding on internal customers to identify and resolve any immediate issues, as well as associated implications for staff coaching. The Associate Team Leader will learn and apply Studer principles to optimize effectiveness.

4. Participation in hiring, discipline, and grievance handling to assure optimal clinical and team performance. The Associate Team Leader will carry out these tactics in compliance with organizational standards along with local, state and federal employment law.

5. Maintaining effective and professional relationships with Physicians and other medical staff, ancillary department personnel, nursing unit staff, and support services. This leader will demonstrate effective problem solving and conflict management skills at all times.

6. Monitoring patient charts and other documentation pertaining to Pharmacy to assure staff compliance with all internal and external professional and regulatory standards as well as to ensure a safe, clean physical environment.

7. Coordinates the compounding of, dispensing of, and record keeping related to medications. Coordinates timely drug distribution from the generation of medication order until administration of the medication using a team approach to empower pharmacy staff.

8. Coordinates the provision of patient-focused pharmaceutical care through the following functions: rational, safe and cost-effective drug therapy management, patient education, drug and poison information, procurement of pharmaceuticals, and active participation on the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

9. Participates in medication error and adverse drug reaction reporting, tracking, follow-up and prevention. Reports tracking on a scheduled basis.

10. Engage in self-development in clinical, professional, and managerial arenas. Collaborates with Team Leader to meet personal and professional learning needs through informal and formal methods. Successfully complete required leadership development curriculum and new leader orientation.

11. In coordination and support of Team Leader, plan and conduct unit meetings, encourages open communication and verbalization of opinions in an attempt to identify and resolve problems on the unit/department, and strives to reduce tension and anxiety among staff members.

12. Work with Team Leader to assure leadership coverage of the unit as needed.

13. Performs other duties as assigned.
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