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ATSU (SOMA) vs Rocky Vista


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jan 15, 2019
AT Still
Pros: In Arizona closer to Home in california. Unique 1+3 curriculum

Cons: Tuition, the 1+3 year can be disorganized and mainly matches into primary care
Rocky Vista

Pros: Really high board scores, decent match list, curriculum is tailored for the boards, near Denver.

Cons: Its a pretty new school and the name hasnt really gotten around much. The actual building is pretty small and could be updated. Very expensive. COA is around $90,000. And the class size is larger at around 150 students.
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Full Member
7+ Year Member
Jul 18, 2014
  1. Medical Student
Both are good DO schools so you cant go wrong with either.
ATSU is a part of one of the founding DO schools and is well established. It seems like tuition is high for both so I guess go with the cheaper one with the most return.
Hop onto the ATSU thread and speak with current students about their experience with the 1+3 program; it is quite unique for sure.
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