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Hi Guys (UHS Class 2006),
I am writing to inform you of some pertinent information that you would be interested in. First, the school recently received the information about the COMLEX Step I for the first class through the Genesis Curriculum that has taken it. I am including a copy of the email I received to inform you incoming students about the score. Here it is: "Today we received the long awaited COMLEX scoring results from the NBOME. UHS comparative results on this Level I testing, the first since the implementation of Genesis, exceed those in any prior year in our history.

Results are rendered by Total Group (all candidates tested) and by Reference Group (first time takers), with a reference group supplemental report by subject area. UHS performance versus mean performance is our highest differential ever, +7.5% in the total group, +6.6% in the reference group.

Passion and commitment have carried the Genesis curriculum effort since it was begun in 1997. Assessment along the way bolstered conviction. Today, we have what we have waited for: external, objectively measured outcomes which validate our efforts.

This is a day which will long have impact, and so it should. Congratulations, and thank you all for a job obviously well done."

I am also writing to inform you that I received an email from the school stating that the attendance policy in the school manual would be enforced this year. That means you can miss 10% of classes per section. I am not sure how enforced it will be, but thought you might want to know.
I hope this has helped some of you!!!

Also You might want to view my other thread, might be of help!!!
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