Attention AMCAS 2003 U.C. applicants.

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    Attention 2003 Applicants
    Some of the University of California Schools of Medicine continue to be concerned about the difficulties and delays applicants have experienced in the past because of technical problems in processing and transmitting AMCAS applications to medical schools. While all hope that AMCAS rapidly solves its problems, some of the UC medical school campuses have again agreed to keep in place an initial application form specific to UC medical schools. It is derived from the AMCAS application form we used until 2001. It will allow you to apply directly to all, or any, UC medical campus. THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THE AMCAS APPLICATION, WHICH YOU MUST CONTINUE TO FILE. This specific application will simply allow us to begin processing your application immediately. Final admission decisions will await our receipt of verified data from AMCAS. This initial UC application will get us all started and provide applicants with information on their status with UC schools as rapidly as possible.

    While filling out and mailing the UC medical school initial application document will take a little extra time, we have tried to make it as easy for you as we can. We believe the benefit to you of getting the process underway by direct contact with the UC school or schools of your choice will be worth the trouble.

    Please note: Although we prefer that you complete the UC Academic Record, you may include a copy of the AMCAS Academic Record from your AMCAS 2003 application. However, you must complete pages 1, 2, and 5 of this initial UC application.

    Further and specific information on the UC Schools of Medicine initial application can be found on the website of any one of the medical schools. We urge you to check each website of the University of California school you wish to apply to for the application requirements for 2003.

    We appreciate the interest you have shown in the University of California and we eagerly await your application.

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    I just checked and only Davis, SD, and UCSF have any information on the 2003 UC app, the rest have the 2002 app, and SD said they don't require it. Is it better just to send it to all of them anyways, since I'm applying to all of them?
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    oh great...more paperwork

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