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ATTN VCU Students- Where do you park?


im a new kid
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Aug 6, 2006
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Hi VCU Students!

I may be joining your ranks in a few months. I'm currently in undergrad at VCU, and I hear that there is no parking for 1st year med students downtown. The other day, though, someone told me that there was parking, but in a lot that's far away.

So, which is it? Are there parking lots for 1st years but you need to take a bus to sanger or will there be no parking at all. If there's no parking... how do you get to school? campus connector from the other campus?

On a side note- where do you guys live? On the campus connector route?

Thank you!


Takin it day by day
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Jan 9, 2005
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  1. Attending Physician
Hi! I'm not a first year at VCU, but I did do the post-bac program there. Many students park in the lot at the bottom of that huge hill on Broad Street (I think the lot is on 16th and Broad) and pay like $2 a day or so for parking. You can pay for the month or semester as well I think. There's also I lot over by where you get on interstate 64 and you have to take the shuttle from the lot to the school (I don't know if there's space in that lot for first years though). There's always street parking and parking in the bottom and taking the free shuttle up from 14th and Cary St. Good luck.
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