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AUC vs Ross vs Saba



    How big is AUC's entering class? is it true that only 20% of students get to do clinicals in the US? And the residency placement rate is lower, like 50 or 60%? Do students have to arrange for their own clinicals or will you be placed into clinicals at specific sites in the US? Do you do the clinicals in one city like NYC or do you have to move around everyone few months to diffirent cities to do your clinicals? How competitive are the students at AUC? I heard Ross is very competitive and have a lot of immature people there?

    I called people in St George and they told me its rare to transfer from another school to St George. Does Ross allow transfers into advanced standing status?

    AUC vs Ross, which is better? Do 100% of Ross students do clinicals in the US? whats the tuition at Ross?

    Also tell me as much about SABA as possible, I know nothing about SABA


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      I do not have exact figures regarding AUC, as I ruled it out early in my search for a school for various reasons. I applied to Saba specifically for what it offered in terms of USMLE pass rate, tuition, locale, and residency placements.

      I was instead given acceptance to their sister school Medical University of the Americas (MUA), which is an offshoot of Saba with the same curriculum and some of the same administration. The development of this school was in part due to the fact that Saba is currently receiving far too many applicants and limits by the Saba government on how many students they can accept.

      If you are serious about a carribean school you owe it to yourself to look at both these schools.....in fact I would encourage you to look at all the carribean schools in depth before making a decision.
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