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AUC vs. Ross


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Jun 11, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
    So, I know this is an age-old question/comparison, but I'd really appreciate some guidance for anyone who's willing to contribute.

    I currently have acceptances to both Ross U. (Dominica) and American University of the Caribbean (St. Maarten). I also applied to St. George's, but haven't heard from them yet re: an interview. I'm on the WL at one U.S. school, with no other interviews currently on the horizon.

    That being said, and since both of these Caribbean schools are asking for a LARGE deposit ASAP, I want to put down a deposit for ONE of them just in case my options don't open up.

    So, does anyone have any insight on some true and recognized differences between these two schools? Specifically, regarding location (obvious), curriculum, stigma (in terms of residency programs and after), residency matching, board scores, etc. ANY help would be tremendously appreciated!

    Thank you so much.


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    May 15, 2008
    1. Attending Physician
      Personally, I recommend that people should try at least 2x in the USA before going down to the Caribbean. That was the advice my premed advisor gave me years ago, after I didn't get in on my first try and was wait listed at a couple of places. Could you post a little bit about yourself and/or your stats if you want?

      Ross vs. AUC I don't have a strong opinion. Pretty much all the Caribbean schools have a stigma attached to them, but you can definitely match into some sort of US residency if you do pretty well on the USMLE and don't fail out. Ross I think has been around longer...and I actually have run in to maybe one or two docs ever who have gone there...AUC I have never met a doc who graduated from there. I think St George is very likely the best of the Caribbean schools, because they seem to have good setups with some hospitals in New York for their 3rd year clinical rotations, which is actually very critical. They also have a >> board pass rate (or at least they appear to) vs. the other Caribbean schools. I would be quite leery of any medical school with a USMLE pass rate of less than 90%...that is REALLY bad.


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      Jun 7, 2004
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        yeah if you got into both auc and ross i would suggest applying to SGU and going there they're by far the best choice of carib schools. however, if you get into SGU then there's a good chance you can gain acceptance at a DO school in the States if you're a US resident of course, and I believe a US DO is the best choice if you don't get into a US MD school. you'll have a much easier time getting a residency as a US DO then a carib grad, just look at some match lists from SGU (the best carib option) and DO schools.

        but if i had to chose between Ross and AUC i would pick AUC, the island is much nicer, and AUC doesn't have an issue with clinical placement like ross. for more info about that read the Ross and AUC forums on www.valuemd.com
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