I am really excited about getting my audio osmosis! For those of you that have used this before what do you find most effective? If you play it at night before/when you go to sleep so many times will the info become lodged in your brain? This worked for me when I was in History via microcassete recordings of the lecture.

If you play the CD's during your sleep is it likely that you will pick up anything at all from it? Logic says "no", but my optimistic side says "maybe a little bit". The name of the package is "Audio Osmosis" y'know!


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Mar 21, 2002
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I used AO in conjuction with the ek course. I didn't really have a method but towards the middle of the course I would go over the chapter in the book after class, then listen to the corresponding tracks on AO. I listend to them sometimes on the subway too on my way to whatever.

I didn't listen to them at night though. I dod most of my studying at a library so that when I came home I was home.



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Mar 29, 2001
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Dec 31, 1999
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