august 14th mcat date too late?

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Jun 2, 2007
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i've posted a few threads before, so i apologize for the the flooding, but i'm seriously trying to figure everything out because i feel everything is out of control.

i've bombed two previous mcats, but i know i can do far better because of my practice scores. i haven't mentioned anything about a retake in my primaries, but i plan to do so for an august 14th date. i'm worried though, that that date may be too late. i'd actually prefer the 21st too. i'm also afraid schools won't even care and refuse to wait for my third retake. would taking it the 6th change anything?

thanks for bearing with me guys

In regards to Aug 14 or 21st, a week or two won't make a difference, so if you rather take it the 21st, take it when you will be most ready.

Now, if you're asking if both those dates are too late? I don't think so. You're scores will be sent to the schools by September. Some schools don't begin interviewing until late September and October anyways. Just make sure you note that you are taking another MCAT. SDN overemphasizes the whole early app thing. Just make sure you complete all the secondaries or have a general idea of what you want to say in them before you actually receive the secondaries. That way, when you get the secondary, the turnaround time will be a day.


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Jun 27, 2009
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for awhile I was considering the 6th, but I think i'll stick with the 14th. do anyone know if third tries are shunned down upon?


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Dec 19, 2008
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I took my MCAT on August 15th last year. I had everything else in order and ready to go by then. Of course I received my scores about a month later, but I had no issues due to schools not getting my scores until the middle of September. It's better to take it in August and do well than take it in July and do poorly. As far as it being the third time, I think if you do well, then you "should" be ok. I would definitely make sure this third score was very competitive, and on top of that, be sure you have a great explanation as to why it took you three tries.


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Jun 8, 2008
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I don't think it's too late; I'd do whatever it took to lock down a decent score. If this is a situation where there's any possibility that you're going to bomb a third MCAT, you're much better off putting it off as long as it takes, because three consecutive 'MCAT bombings' would be hard to come back from.

The necessity of doing better here far outweighs a week or two of tardiness on the application.
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