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Oct 27, 2006
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An e-mail I just received from AAMC - apparently our scores will not be delayed.


Thank You for contacting the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) program.

The delay of the August 14th scores does not have anything to do with the Aug 20th score release. Aug 20th test scores are scheduled to come out on the evening of September 19th.

Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.

The MCAT Care Team

Association of American Medical Colleges

Section for Applicant Assessment Services

2450 N St., NW

Washington, DC 20037

U.S.A. "


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Jun 16, 2005
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perhaps you should take their word for it--there is no way to tell what caused the delay in score release for the august 14th exam. just b/c their scores were delayed does not mean that all future score releases will also be delayed.


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Apr 6, 2006
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I sent a similar email to AAMC at the beginning of the week regarding the delayed release of the August 6th scores, and received a similar response. According to them, the scores from August 14th were still on track to be released Wednesday at 5:00 pm.

At this point, I would take everything the AAMC says regarding score releases with a grain of salt. You may get lucky and get an on-time release. However don't count on it.
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