Oct 23, 2012
Hello ,
I am a foreign trained dentist , i am looking for working either in Canada ( NDEB exams way ) or Australia (ADC)
what do you think have better opportunities for find a work and overall conditions ?

Thank you


7+ Year Member
Apr 13, 2010
I can only say for Canada. Not sure about now, but 5 years ago the saturation of dentists in big cities was high. Still possible to find a job. I assume it is more difficult now, with the amount of new dentists. The attitude towards international dentists is OK, no love, but fine.
The problem is the process of exams. You need to be really good, really. They do not let a lot of people through - it is a matter of market protection, they simply cannot let hundreds of new dentists to flood the market. Some of my friends, who were really good had to take exams twice. They failed for very minute omissions