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    Hi All

    I am a slightly *ahem* older lass contemplating this whole post-graduate medical school situation. I have recently completed a post-grad qualification in Exercise Science, and therefore, have an undergraduate science qualification.

    I am interested in hearing - first hand - from those of you who have completed, or are currently completing, a four year post-graduate medical degree in Australia. Since I have recently purchased a house (woohoo!) in Brisbane, I am particularly keen to hear from those slaving away at UQ!!

    Questions on my mind run along the lines much did you prepare/study for GAMSAT?; did you pay big bucks for a prep course, and if you did, did it assist you? is med school living up to your expectations etc...

    Many thanks
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    Most of the denizens here are Americans who have studied in Oz, but you may find a stray Aussie or two around here. I encourage you to do a search under this topic as there are many threads dealing with studying medicine in Australia (albeit, most from an American's perspective).

    best of luck to you...

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