Average endo daily production?


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May 9, 2009
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    Looking at my and my partner's daily production(general dentists) and then extrapolating that into their yearly and take home salaries got me thinking about what the number of procedures an endo does in a day and what is their typical daily production in $$ especially after one of my mentors mentioned that our local endo's all cake-walked to a 750k+ salary without breaking a sweat. Just curious if anyone knew.


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    Jun 3, 2009
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      It depends on how fast you are, how you are employed, what insurances you are taking, what your fees are, etc. After the first several months, once insurance credentialing comes through, you are trying to do 4-5 treatments a day with a couple consults squeezed in. Treatments could be less, consults more. Just depends on the day. I am brand new, and if my production is between $5K-7K I’m happy and that’s seeing about 4 treatments and several consults. That collection will vary based on co pay and insurance being used. Older guys in my practice treat about 6-8 a day and get closer to 7K-10K production. But then majority of endo employees are paid between 40-45% collections.

      I’m slow and just started out and my monthly productions have been around $70K with collections close to it.

      $750K without a sweat is a joke. It’s a hard job and we rarely get super straight forward stuff. The ones making that are probably treating 8-12 cases a day. That’s not a cake walk. Most established Endo’s are probably between the $400-$600K range. Again, still not a cakewalk to produce that amount.

      Newer Endo’s are $250-$400K
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      Apr 4, 2010
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        The ranges above are right - and I've seen some do much better. As with everything in dentistry though there's a lot of variability in comp based on where you work, your skills, and work ethic. As far as "cake-walk" idk. I always found endo very stressful, even with the best patients.


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        Feb 3, 2017
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          An endodontist that works for a DSO told me that he does 10-12 NSRCT everyday, 5 days a week. He has 2 assistants running 2 columns. Dude must be rolling in money.

          An endo working in private practice (esp. fee for service) keeping 100% of their production and just splitting overhead will do better seeing 1/2 the amount of patients four days per week. And do much higher quality work with less stress.
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