Avoid Doctors Hospital, Columbus OH


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Aug 23, 2002
    In regards to residency at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio: avoid it if at all possible. Their programs and reputation have really plummeted in recent years. Somehow their good reputation from many years ago still keeps them afloat. Before anyone decides to train at Doctors Hospital, ask the DME (Kirk Hilliard, D.O.) about the law suits he and the hospital have had against them. One in particular was a guy named Vern Reynolds, D.O. who matched there in the one and only ENT spot and then they decided to pull his offer after it was official. He sued them. An ex-surgery resident (female) has sued them too, for sexual discrimination I believe. They recently terminated a pediatric resident just two months short of graduation from the entire residency (because of suuposed performance problems, contract or not!). Finally, look in the back of "The D.O." magazine last month and note the ad for Doctors Hospital looking for residents in almost every specialty. Go elsewhere, trust me.
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