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Jul 22, 2001
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Count me in....Can I bring my husband? He is very Grizzly Adams right now and will scare everyone!
Is there anything you would like people to bring...I make a mean rice krispie treat.

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Will drive for music.
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Nov 22, 2001
Glendale, AZ
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I'll make an appearance. My boyfriend is flying in that night and I have to pick him up, so I'm not sure when I'll be there. Or if I'll drag him along. He is very shy so he may protest ;)



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Nov 20, 1998
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I am a recent graduate of AZCOM and my wife is soon to be as well, she is just finishing up her maternity leave. Anyhow, if you want to save alot of money on books, we are selling a bunch of our used ones cheap. They are all in good condition.

Just e-mail me [email protected] with which books you want and you can pick them up from my wife at the OMT clinic on campus on Tuesday the 27th.
Merk Manual 17th Edition $10

Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment (DiGiovanna) $10

Drug Information for the Health Care Professional $5

Mosby's Guide to Physical Exam $10

Medical Microbiology-Intro. to Infectious Disease $5

Board Review Series-Pathology and Path Review Notes(A must for the boards) $10

Board Review Series-Micro and Immunology $10

Basic Clinical Neuroanatomy $5

USMLE Step 2 Mock Exam (Good for step 1 also) $5

First Aid for Step 1 (A must for step 1) $10

Rapid Interpretation of EKG's (Dubin) $10

Clinical Neuro Made Rediculously Simple and High Yield Embryo $10

Clinical Vignettes-Anatomy, Biochem(2), Behav Sci, Pathophys $5each

Pathologic Basis of Disease (Robbins) $10

Essential Cell Biology $10

Color Atlas of Histology (Gartner and Hiatt) $5

Biochemistry (Lipincott's) $10

Color Text Book of Histology (Gartner and Hiatt)$10

NMS Review for USMLE Step I $10
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