Jul 12, 2013

I would first like to apologize if this is in the incorrect subforum. I looked over the list quite a few times and thought that this was the one that at least fit my question by some means..

My university offers a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration and I am considering the idea of majoring in it along with the completion of my med pre-requisites. I have put a lot of thought into what I would want to major in that would make me happy and be moderately benificial (in some sense). Do you know anything about the undergraduate level of HA? Do you think it would be beneficial to someone that already has general interest in business operations AND an interest in medicine?

I guess I am trying to see if it would by any means allow for the development of a rounded (potential) physician with in-depth knowledge in all parts of the operation of their practice.

Thank you for your time,
Jan 10, 2014
Other Health Professions Student
It was only recently (as far as I know) that medical schools have begun to require some sort of administration/management type course during a medical student's time in school. I think majoring in health administration would provide knowledge that would be of great benefit to any future physician, especially in terms of truly understanding the differing definitions of quality and value amongst health professionals. It's always important to have a comprehensive understanding of medicine-including the financial and administrative aspects.
Sep 22, 2013
Yep, I agree with the above post. I have an undergrad in health admin and many of my classmates were pre-med (and got into great med schools). Even though I wasn't pre-med, that undergraduate degree worked well for me as it allowed me to get a job in health care research. Others ended up in entry level health admin jobs. Good luck!