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Jul 15, 2002
Perth, Western Australia
Hi everyone,

Im sure you have all heard the terrible news of another terrorist attack, second biggest since 9/11.

182 people are dead
14 confirmed Australians
200 Australians missing
They think 75% of the dead will be Aussie.

This is so scary.....9/11 was scary...but it was far away, this is on our doorstep, and it is so obvious it was aims at Westerns, and maybe Australians in particular :(

I know its not the same magnitude as 9/11, but it is so different because its not on our soil, so language is a major problem....also the hospitals in Bali can't cope, so everyone is being flown to Darwin and Perth.

My mum (a doc) was told by another doctor that one guy who was burnt, walked away from the blast, got into a taxi, and went straight to the airport to get back to Australia. Everyone there was like....what happened to you....they hadn't even heard yet.

Heaps of sporting clubs were over there for end of season holiday....also its school holidays so lots of children were there.

The news showed two 15 yr old girls returning to Perth without their parents.

One of the football clubs is missing 7 players, and three guys in my lecture this morning were crying because they use to play for them and knew the guys.

Im sorry, I just had to talk about it.
It is such a shock! What is happening with the world.
I think Australians understand a bit more what Amercians went through 13months ago.

I really hope they find more people alive :(


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Mar 22, 2002
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:( not saying that the u.s. deserved what happened to them, but what did australia ever do? this is really sad :(


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Aug 30, 2002
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well lola it's probably cos australia is one of the us' biggest allies this side of the world. but let's not forget that indonesian lives were lost in this incident and although there were more australian casualties, this happened on indonesian soil and also claimed indonesian lives.
dang, this is terrible, i know some guy who works at hardrock on bali. this hit too close to home this time. :(
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Dec 4, 2001
I wish whoever perpetrates this be brought to justice real soon. I am really hoping to see a totally peaceful world. Well, it may just be a dream, but I'll be glad in my grave if atleast my grand kids can see my dream come true.
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