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Oct 8, 2003
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Is there any advantage of living in Barringer over Orlowitz at Jefferson? They seem almost identical in what they offer/provide, both recently renovated, etc.

It seems to me the only real difference is that there are a lot of one-bedroom apartments in Orlowitz.

Also, these these building house students from all of Jefferson's colleges, right? Is there one that tends to be mostly med students?


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Feb 3, 2004
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hey, from what I can tell they are basically the same. you can see the different floorplans on the housing website (plus they have the new prices for next year). both of the residence halls are really close to campus . . .so far the only difference I have seen is that barringer apartments have garbage disposals!


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Feb 27, 2003
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I do not live in these apartments, but I have been inside each. They are both located on-campus. Both were renovated last year, so they have new trim, carpet, cabinets, bathrooms, appliances.

I would pick Barringer, because the kitchens have a pennisula in which you can serve food to guests while watching TV. The kitchen is an open space, whereas in Orlowitz the kitchen is an enclosed space. Another advantage to Barringer is that many of the apartments have two bedroom, three bedroom, which will save money.

Still, the advantage to Orlowitz is that the housing office is on the first floor, and the view from the rooms is better. Past about the 9th floor, (10-17?) you can see the Philadelphia skyline nicely. Not recommended if you have a fear of heights though.

I suggest keeping in contact with the housing office, and discuss your preferences with Deidre. Don't worry about it too much yet, you don't have to commit to anything until the beginning of August.
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