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Mar 31, 2007
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Need advice....
Had a life changing thing happen this week... my step 2 score is subpar <200... very disappointing... don't know if I have gone through all the phases of grief yet... but atleast have passed the denial phase... (Step 1 225)

I can't think now... but have to move on...

What to do now?

I had 2 prelim interviews in surgery and was hoping once step 2 came back would be able to request more interviews from programs I applied to, but doesn't seem like I can do that now and my interviews at these 2 places went well, however due to my score it is likely I may not rank.

Should I pursue surgery or not?

Well, some may say that asking this question is the answer itself.
Or should I be practical as a FMG and pursue less competitive specialities such as FM, Peds or IM(I am not even competitive for that now).

Need advice from people that have some years of wisdom behind them...

Should I be practical or persistent?


You're an FMG?

How many other interviews do you have? How many have you gone to?

USCE? US letters of recommendation?
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