Jan 20, 2021
Hey guys! I applied this round and am feeling super disheartened. I was wondering if I could get some feedback both on my application and on my chances of getting accepted anywhere with my current stats.

BS in psychology
BA in biology
Minors: Human development & family sciences, sociology
Certificates: Neuroscience, multicultural studies

cuGPA: 3.17
last 45: 3.19
science: 3.22
* GPA following ADHD diagnosis (all upper level STEM): 3.68

165Q, 168V, 5.5Wr GRE

Small animal veterinary: 1800 hours (vet assistant at 2 gen practices & an ECC)
Small animal handling: 400 hours (dog daycare attendant)
Farm handling/veterinary: none
Equine handling: 2000 hours (rode competitively for years)
Equine veterinary: none
Exotic/wildlife handling: 480 (zookeeping intern)
Exotic veterinary: 80 (spent days shadowing vets at zoo)
Research: conducted & presented my own research at the zoo; ~250 hours at a pathology lab studying CWD

Total: 5,010 hours (1880 of which are veterinary)

I also have 40 hours of CE from a few conferences and am fear-free certified. I've done volunteer work here and there for spay-neuter projects and our ECC.
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